Holiday Swag.

(Pants, Sandro Paris; Top, Maje; Shoes, Sandro Paris; Jewelry, Hermes)
This holiday season it's all about menswear. Though as I write this I am actually sitting in a black long-sleeved turtle neck dress, I have always been one to opt for pants over dresses or skirts. I found myself a few weeks back looking for something to wear for our engagement party and after trying on countless combinations of dresses and skirts, I fell in love with these tuxedo pants by Sandro Paris and love how the lace feminine detail in this Maje top balanced out the look. 

Here are some menswear-inspired pieces to help get your holiday swag game up this year :) 
4. Jumpsuit - $371 (Similar to the look I wore but in jumpsuit form)

Also, shout out to Ashley at Bloomingdale's for helping to pull this look together!

Photography: Hallie Geller

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