Chucktown Chic.

(Jeans, DL1961 (now on sale!); Top, J.Crew; Boots, J.Crew; Cape, Madewell (similar here))
This past weekend, Tommy and I were in Charleston. A few years back were in Chucktown for a full week. It's kind of funny though - how when you only have a couple of days somewhere, you somehow seem to pack it all in, see the sights, more so than when you have a lot of time. Similar goes for me in life - whenever I'm really busy, I tend to get so much done as opposed to times when I'm not as busy where it can take me forever to do one task.  

We stayed along King Street, which is the main street in Charleston with tons of shopping (which I fully took advantage of and actually needed to check a bag on the way back - haven't needed to do this since I studied abroad 6 years ago). Where we stayed and even the wedding we attended really gave us the Charleston experience in the few days we were there. The wedding was at the historic William Aiken House on King Street and the guests were picked up for the ceremony in rickshaws - how fun!?

Brunch is my favorite meal so we managed to get two brunches in while in Charleston. One was at Husk and the other was at Lowcountry Bistro - two places we hadn't been to during our previous visit. Husk has a small menu, so you know whatever is on it will be good and they change their menu twice a day, which is pretty impressive.  Another great place I loved for coffee and juices was Whisk. It is in a key location so you can grab a coffee or juice and take it for a walk along the water. I also loved the ambiance - very cozy with friendly service - something I noticed each day I was in Charleston - the people are so friendly! 

Photography: J. Michael Walker


  1. The food and service at this place were spectacular. I was at an amazing event here recently. The event was outdoors along the water and against a beautiful sunset. As the party moved indoors, I was struck by the wedding venues decor.

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