This summer has been such a whirlwind! Kicked it off with a beautiful wedding in Newport, RI, had my 5-year and then got engaged! I feel like I have told the story of our proposal so many times but haven't quite been able to consolidate it to a short 2-minute overview. I'm always so detailed oriented - even when telling stories. I think I get it from my mom - she always likes to "draw the picture" down to what shoes she was wearing at a certain event while telling a story. Irrelevant details that causes us to digress (but still important!). 

I'd like to attempt to give a quick synopsis of how the day went down. I was completely surprised and Tommy couldn't have planned it better. :-)

For a few months, we had planned on going back to my parents house for the weekend to go to a good family friend's graduation party. The plan was to grab a drink at Ninety Acres, which is one of my favorite spots in the area and also around the corner from the graduation party. All week my sister had planted some seeds - making sure I was dressed appropriately, nails done, etc. She did not lead on whatsoever and I thought nothing of it. She even helped me put on my make up that day and I still thought nothing of it! 

When we arrived at Ninety Acres, the hostess told us that the bar wasn't opened yet to non-members. (This was something Tommy had worked out in great detail with the Event Planner at Ninety Acres along with the rest of how everything unfolded). She went out of her way to "accommodate" us. Since the bar wasn't opened yet to non-members, she brought us each a cocktail of choice and offered to walk us around the farm in the back until the bar was opened - the restaurant portion is all farm-to-table so I thought this was awesome! 

Once outside, her queue to leave was Tommy asking a question that would prompt her to grab the owner, since she didn't know the answer. His question was something completely random about the tomatoes - I remember thinking how odd of a question it was and I smirked at him at the thought of it as she walked off to grab the owner. 

The rest is somewhat of a blur. Tommy asked the question right there and our hostess friend filmed the whole thing - she was never actually going to grab the owner. He also hired Alicia Savoly Photography to capture it all followed by a session with her and a tasting dinner at the restaurant. 

After dinner, Tommy had one more surprise for me. He had a car take us to Washington House, another hometown favorite that has live classic rock music on Saturdays. There, we walked in to Van Morrison playing in the background and both of our families greeting us and ready to celebrate and party the rest of the night. What an amazing day!

P.S. - The Joie skirt I wore is now on sale here

(Top, Madewell; Skirt, Joie; Heels, Stuart Weitzman)


  1. Wow, this story is incredible. I loved reading through this post. The dress you are wearing in these engagement photos is superb. I also have a similar engagement story. My fiancé booked one of my favorite Boston venues for proposing me for getting married.