Not-So-Holiday Weekend Musings.

Memorial Day Weekend is officially here! I'll be staying in the city this weekend as opposed to spending it in Long Beach Island - there is so much to do before the busy upcoming weekends: My good friend Jill's wedding in Newport, Lafayette College 5 year reunion, Tommy's 30th birthday. 

Typically I realize I need things the week of which leaves me scrambling and Tommy saying, "Chels, I called it!" So to alleviate the stress, I'm taking it upon myself to utilize this long weekend and get some things done. 

Among my to do list, I'm hoping to squeeze a haircut in; and since I haven't highlighted my hair in over 5 years, I'm thinking now might be the time to bring it back (like bop!).

I cut my hair - to my standards - extremely short about a year and a half ago. I liked it for a few weeks but once it started to grow out it became a bit awkward and to keep it the length I wanted was a lot of upkeep. I'm thinking just a trim with some natural color. With dark brown hair, it is hard to pull off without it looking "cheesy" - so I'm a bit hesitant! Here is some inspiration:

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