Bop is Back!

Hi Everyone! I can't believe it has been over a year since my last post. My close friends and family know how bop on trend is my soul - I never stop talking about the fact that I stopped posting. Of course life gets in the way but what I have realized is that while you need to balance work and social, you should leave time for the things that make you feel good and for me it is my blog, my creative outlet. My blog isn't just a way for me to document personal style and trends but a way to hopefully inspire everyone that comes to visit. 

I also realize that a big chunk of the fun is helping you. Getting emails asking for suggestions on what to wear to a specific event or even an opinion on what shoes to buy or sites to shop on makes my day and don't hesitate to do so! I might not work in HR, but I'm a gal of the people - so let's chat! 

Here are some favorites of mine from the past year: 

Travel Destination
I visited Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik (in that order) this past October with my boyfriend, Tommy and our siblings. We ended our Eurotrip at Oktoberfest in Germany (bucket list!). Split has great seafood, italian dishes and gelato - it's just across the water from Italy. Hvar is the "party island" and did not disappoint. Dubrovnik - the most tourist-y probably due in part to Game of Thrones being filmed there. We used Airbnb throughout Croatia - I definitely recommend it.

Trend that has come back
I held on to my sandal birks since high school, waiting for the day that I could whip them out without getting called out for wearing them. They might not be the best looking shoe but they are so comfortable. The 90's are back as of 2014 and along with it is comfort: flowy dresses, overalls and birks. 

Shopping Site

Consistent Brand, Price is Right

NYC Go-To Dinner Spot 
Located in NoHo around the corner from my apartment.

Best Drink
Old Fashioned. 
My sister Sam makes it to perfection!

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