(Jacket, Barbour; Shirt, Forever21; Scarf, All Saints; Denim, DL1961; Shoes, Ash; Wallet, Tory Burch)

After spending President's Day Weekend in Mt. Snow, VT. I needed a weekend to recharge and relax. Friday, we enjoyed some italian fare at Supper in the East Village. Great food and ambiance. 

Funny story. As we made our way out, I spotted an SNL cast member who I proceeded to call Tina Fey. It was the first name that came to my mind yet it was Rachel Dratch, you might recognize her from the  "Debbie Downer" SNL skits. I imagine the words came out almost in that deep, slow motion voice (Tiiiinaa Feeeeey) as I immediately realized my blunder and asked her to take a photo. Clearly that wasn't happening. I later found out it was also her birthday! Bad timing on my part.

Spent the rainy Saturday afternoon at Houston Hall and also enjoyed a nice Sunday brunch at a neighborhood spot, Cask.  

I caught a bit of the Oscars and of course caught the Oscars Pre-Show on the Red Carpet.

Best Dressed: Aside from Jennifer Lawrence, who looked amazing, I loved Charlize Theron's dress (not so much her hair) as well as Louise Roe's Monique Lhullier number.

Worst Dressed: Toss up between Helena Bonham Carter and Kristen Stewart.

Who do you think was best dressed? What did you think of Helen Hunt's H&M Dress?

P.S. Finally get to show you my Ash wedge sneakers! I've been getting a ton of use out of them, especially for a more casual look during the day when you still want the extra inches.


  1. Love this story! haha! That's awesome! i look forward to reading your future posts ;)



    1. Haha, it was so funny and made for a good story. Thanks for following Angela!