Black and Blue.

(Jacket, Forever21; Oxford, Madewell; Pants, Zara (similar here); Gloves, Bloomingdale's; Purse, Zara; Sunnies, Ray-Ban; Shoes, Vince Camuto. Photog, SamLaj)

It has been awhile since I last posted! I have practically gone into hibernation mode since the weather has been so cold. Not too much has happened in January, however, aside from turning the pivotal quarter life and completing level 2 of the BluePrintCleanse.

 A little bit on the juice cleanse: Not sure how I feel about it the second time around. The first time, although I complained the whole three days during the cleanse, I actually felt that it was worth it because it left me feeling more energized and craving healthier foods (without thinking twice!). As I finished the BPC for the second time all I could think of was how much I was going to eat to make up for the last three days of juicing...and I feel like I've been "making up for it" ever since.  It somewhat had the opposite effect this time around so might be some time before I do the full on detox again

A little bit on turning 25: Truth is, I actually feel less of a sense of urgency. It is probably (definitely) all in my head, but other than that I feel no different in matters of maturity than I did a week ago. We'll see what the year has in store..

P.S. SamLaj got me this awesome oxford from Madewell for my birthday and I've already worn it multiple times in the past week. - It goes with everything!


  1. Very cute! i love the coat.

    Smile on:)...Classy Pam


  2. Without looking too close in detail, with the color and shape would definitely think it's from J. Crew. Great purchase!