Summer Breeze.

Currently dreaming of summer and thought I'd give you a closer look into those chicer suits, also known as one-pieces, whose plunging necklines and great attention to detail have me completely obsessed (and wishing I had at least one reason or occasion to actually wear something so elegant and stylish on the beach!).

Michael Kors


Michael Kors
 Balmain is always known for their innovative takes on classic pieces. By taking a simple black bathing suit and adding stunning cuts, the typical suit has become a red carpet look for the seas. MK adds flair with belting reminiscent of Halle Berry's unforgettable Bond suit.  

While none of these suits are exactly what one would consider practical, one can dream, right?



Hope you had a great weekend! Went to Gansevoort Rooftop MPD and as nice as the view was, it was pretty packed, leaving a small cramped space to take pictures (read: hence the unfortunate background and a little test-drive with Photoshop).

I always like jeans with a bit of distressing on them. You just need to make sure the distress marks are in the right place otherwise distressing can do more harm than good by making your legs look bigger and wider than they actually are!

(Denim, Paige; Shirt, J.Crew; Shoes, Trouve, Sunnies, Smith)


Black, White, Bright.

(Fotog, S. Imparato outside Hearst Tower)
Some times, most times, keeping it simple looks best. Paired a sheer checked button down with the most comfortable pants from J.Crew. I wish they had these in more colors, they fit perfectly and feel like pajama pants. A basic palette really made my nail color pop (when my sleeve wasn't covering them!)! 

(Pants, J.Crew; Shoes, Joan & David; Shirt, Madewell; Sunnies, RayBan; Nails, OPI on Collins Ave.)


Navy at Brunch.

Bustling Pastis for Saturday Brunch via Instagram
Everyone was out and about this weekend in NYC and it would have almost been a sin not to with the gorgeous weather. Although Standard  might have had a 150 person line and getting in line at the Frying Pan was a mere three blocks away from the boat's entry, we were able to sit right down at Pastis for brunch in Meatpacking this weekend without the wait. We then parked ourselves at West Village's Whitehorse Tavern to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. 

Comfortable heels were key for walking and a blazer made of a casual light weight knit dresses up any look but keeps it daytime and weekend appropriate.

(Denim; Henry & Belle (seen here); Blazer, Aqua; Tee, J.Crew; Belt, J.Crew; Shoes, Tory Burch; Purse, Tory Burch; Sunnies, Ray-Ban; Photos taken by J. Glascott)
P.S - What's your favorite brunch spot?



On a whim, Jill and I decided to book a trip to Nashville. That being said, I'm in the market for a pair of boots.  I'm thinking a tee shirt and denim will fair just fine in this southern city, but I want take this opportunity to find a pair of spring boots that will be comfortable and easy.

The ever trendy Kate Bosworth seamlessly pulls off this look

Any of these pique your interest?

Vintage Luisa Studded Boot

Dan Post Flat Iron Boot
(I like the Dan Post in black too!)

Calico Suede Boot in Lemon
Even though Frye boots are the real deal, not sure if I'm willing to spend more than my round trip flight for them.


Old School.

 Believe it or not, this blazer is vintage. Vintage as in I got it in high school and vintage as in I bought it from Abercrombie way back when Abercrombie may or may not have dictated my entire wardrobe. Of course I liked to add my own bits and pieces to the brand's staples, like pairing argyle knee socks and a rugged pair of Birkenstock's (remember those!?) in order to separate myself from the sea of A&F clones, and while it has been years since stepping foot into A&F's doors, whipping this piece out for Easter Dinner made me realize how much their quality has diminished since my A&F sporting days.

The intricate detail of this blazer à la corduroy elbow pads and wooden buttons screams classic. So much so that practically 10 years later I can still wear it as a light jacket.

(Flats, Tory Burch (seen here); Denim, Henry & Belle; Chambray, J.Crew; Jacket, Abercrombie & Fitch (old); Belt, J.Crew; Nails, Essie Spaghetti Strap)
As you can see, I decided to take my Aaden Flats for another spin around town.

Follow-up: I think I have finally broken them in!


Tory Flats - a shoe narrative.

My story begins with the fact that I have never been a fan of ballet flats. Perhaps it is because I'm always looking for a shoe that will give me that extra inch (or 5!) or maybe because I really just never saw the point in wearing a shoe that really does absolutely nothing for your stature. As it started getting nicer out, I found myself wearing a pair of Havaianas to work in place of my comfortable but not-so-weather-appropriate boots.

Of course, immediately upon arrival to work I quickly would change into whatever heel I had stashed in my cabinet but what about those couple minutes spent getting into the building, up the escalator and riding the elevator? My flip flop attire was not cutting it and that is when it dawned on me that I actually needed a pair of flats.

Never owning a pair of flats, maybe I should have just gone for a flimsy inexpensive pair, but instead I went for a pair from the flat queen herself, Tory Burch. I fell in love with the new Aaden Ballet flat and trying them on felt like heaven.

Aaden Ballet Flat, Tory Burch

Unfortunately when they arrived and within the first ten minutes of wearing them I was limping my way to work in pain. I know some shoes (especially the Tory flats) take awhile to break in, but has anyone else had this issue that eventually goes away? If not, I am sadly going to have to let go of this gorgeous pair of shoes and be forced to go back to wearing beach attire on my way to work.  

Follow-up to come...