Summer Breeze.

Currently dreaming of summer and thought I'd give you a closer look into those chicer suits, also known as one-pieces, whose plunging necklines and great attention to detail have me completely obsessed (and wishing I had at least one reason or occasion to actually wear something so elegant and stylish on the beach!).

Michael Kors


Michael Kors
 Balmain is always known for their innovative takes on classic pieces. By taking a simple black bathing suit and adding stunning cuts, the typical suit has become a red carpet look for the seas. MK adds flair with belting reminiscent of Halle Berry's unforgettable Bond suit.  

While none of these suits are exactly what one would consider practical, one can dream, right?


  1. i am so loving one pieces this year! i love the one with the gold. so cute! LOVE your blog, new follower!

    1. Thank you for following! I really really want to attempt to pull one off this summer. Love your blog as well and now following you too!


  2. I like the second. I gave birth a few months ago and I don't want a bikini this year.
    I am a new follower, I hope you can visit my blog too and follow if you like it.

  3. nice!!!! i like it!


  4. michael kors the best!!!
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  5. I would love to wear the last one, it's amazing!

  6. These are beautiful! Love them all but don't think I would
    be daring enough to pull one off, adore the last one especially!

    Lacey xoxo