Splurge vs. Steal - Highlighter Denim

Highlighter jeans are all the rage right now but with the constant changing of trends it's hard to say if these bottom half bursts of color will still be a wardrobe must-have come next year. Enter Zara. Not quite your designer pairs of jeans but they will get the job done if just for this season.

Can you see the difference between these two?

Of course one of our models opted out of a shirt while the other decided to slap on a tee and messily tuck it in to achieve that I'm-trying-to-look-like-I'm-not-trying-look but alas I digress. Focusing on the highlighter denim, truly the only thing that separates these two pairs of jeans is the price tag. And if you had to guess, which one would you think is double the price of the other? I'll give you a moment.


If you guessed the pair on the right, well, you were wrong. The pair on the left by AG Adriano Goldschmied are actually double the price of the Zara pair on the right! All honestly, I had to do some referring back to the brands' respective websites to remind myself which pair is which. The resemblance is uncanny!

So to sum, before you go out and snag the first pair of highlighter jeans you see, take a quick visit to Zara and you might be pleasantly surprised with how great they fit!


  1. I had these and then got rid of them now I am so upset! I just wore neon pink today with a neon orange top :) xoxo

  2. Thats good to know, great color, love it!

  3. Replies
    1. I know right!? I just need a tan to go with it! Will check out your blog and follow you! Let's follow each other :)