Acid Wash.

(Denim, TopShop; Shirt, Forever21; Boots, Vince Camuto (as seen here); Necklaces, Madewell; Sunnies, Ray-Ban)
I know, I know: Acid wash jeans are so 80's, so Kimmy Kibler, so [insert here]! Perhaps I was drawn to them in TopShop for just that reason - the former - not Kimmy Kibler. See, I had this thing for 80's retro style back in high school and when I saw this pair I think it was a fine example of a blast from the past that I just couldn't pass up.

Added some rough metallic studs and a heavy chain necklace and I'm ready to party on Wayne

P.S. I drink coffee through a straw...yup!


  1. Love those Jeans and your boots, what a great causal outfit :)