Get on Your Dancin' Shoes...


...and here I am thinking you can only get a personalized shoe via Nike ID or Mi Adidas!

Kyle sent me a photo of Adidas' latest collaboration with American designer, Jeremy Scott who designed a more rhythmical take on your everyday walking shoe. Of course "BOP" is what initially grabbed my attention but I had to do a little bit of research to understand the depiction that Scott had in mind. Working closely with the foundation for the late artist Keith Haring, Scott wanted to create a shoe (and tracksuit) that honored Haring's graphic art.

If you don't quite know Haring's work by his name, I'm sure you've seen his graffiti-esque type style of work:

How's that for a tidbit of an unexpected art history lesson?

..but seriously, it's Friday- go enjoy this (hopefully for most) 3 day weekend!

P.S. Thanks Kyle for the shoutout!

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