Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Aside from the movie, I've never really seen anything like it until I tried on DL1961's. Rarely do my sister, Samantha and I look good in the same styles or brands. We have completely different body types; Sam is 5'7" and I'm 5'5" (and that's when I round up!). So when we decided to go to Denim Habit in Meatpacking to find a pair, I was amazed how good DL1961's looked on both of us! Watch out America Ferrera and Blake Lively pre-Gossip Girl, there's a new pair of pants in town!

With 4-way stretch that molds to your body, they will still look great after the fourth wear. Unlike my typical jeans that lose their stretch within the first couple of hours of wearing them.

Even the curvy Kardashian clan are choosing DL1961's as their comfortable go-to jeans!

I already own three pairs, two of which are the Ultra High Rise Nina and the third a more casual blue jean that goes by the name of Emma. Get your pair here.

Helping the world of fashionistas one good-fitting pair of jeans at a time...


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  1. i love jeans!

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