The Beholder

Unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend got me the Rebecca Minkoff Chance Cross Body Bag I had on my birthday wishlist (along with some SoulCycle rides because I'm actually obsessed!)! Obviously he got this long before my Thursday afternoon post and as I stole a glimpse of a ShopBop box as I began to unwrap the paper, I immediately knew it could only be one thing- and I haven't taken it out of my sight since. Thank you Tommy!

Decided to take on Hurricane Club for restaurant week (which by the way was delicious!) with the roomies and had Miss Jodi snap some pics of me and Rebecca after our dinner feast and a casual flaming fishbowl.

I didn't realize the gorgeous detail of the bag until I saw it in person. Rose Gold and leather weaving through the straps and some striking extra texture on the studs.

My roomie Mel got me a Sephora by OPI set of Manhattan Minis for my birthday as well! This bold shade is Say-It-Ain't-SoHo. I think the bag and the nails complement each other, no?

(Jeans, Rock & Republic; Blouse, Trouve by Nordstrom as seen in Holy Harem; Earrings, Madewell; Purse, Rebecca Minkoff; Nail Polish, Say-it-ain't-SoHo)

P.S. Thanks to everyone for such a great 24th birthday!

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