Yosef H.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I finally got an iPhone and therefore will be downloading the Fashion Assistant App I praised about a month or so ago.

While I'm sure Santa may have brought you everything on your Christmas List (perhaps it was the Holiday Armadillo that treated you well a la Ross Gellar) I thought I'd share this story with you about a designer I recently met at Bloomingdale's while I was scoping out some leather goods in the Jewelry department.

As I approached a row of leather and gold bracelets (two textures that make for a fantastic casual bracelet) I was simultaneously approached by the designer, Jared Handler and learned a bit more about the new brand that is starting to capture the eyes and wrists of celebrities at a universally agreeable price point.

Back in 2003, Jared began making his line of bracelets from raw materials he found in local NYC markets, inspired by the notion that fashion should only be found, not forced. Less than 10 years later, Yosef H., the line named after Jared's own middle name and last initial, has made its way to major retailers such as Henri Bendel and Bloomingdale's. How is that for a dose of inspiration? 

Today, Jared still hand makes each of his bracelets in his Chelsea studio (which he nicely invited me to) such that each bracelet is unique to the person who wears it.

Hmm...maybe Santa didn't get you everything you wanted after all....



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