We Should All Have One.

A Fashion Assistant.

Here's a little dose of Tuesday technology: Introducing the smartphone app, "My Fashion Style Assistant". Once I get the iPhone, this little gem will save me so much time in the morning and make my rides on the subway a bit more enjoyable as I scroll through my wardrobe to create outfits. Remember when Alicia Silverstone in the movie Clueless had a revolving closet complete with a computer program that helped her pick out her outfit? In 1995, this truly was something I thought was only possible in the far, far future and now low and behold, here it is! Right in the palm of our hands.

How many of us can admit that we are guilty of wearing the same things repeatedly simply because we forget all of the clothes we have? It usually goes like this: You wear a weeks worth of clothes (or three for those of you who hate doing laundry), do your laundry, place them back in the drawer or closet (in turn hiding the other clothes you own), and when it comes time to reach into your closet, you immediately go for the same clothes. It is a vicious cycle!

If I had a carefully organized system visually accessible at my fingertips, I think I would make much better use of all my clothes instead of just the new and beloved ones.


P.S. New month, new look. BOT is only 2 months old yet it was in need of a mini face lift. It was starting to look a bit washed out. Isn't this banner so much more "bopified"? I think so.

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