Cyber Monday.

Black Friday was so last year. Actually, I can't say I have ever partaken in the mob-infested Friday they call Black. What is so appealing about fighting over a parking spot only to realize the moment you give up on particular aisle of cars that one is pulling out right behind you? Then there are the lines. And the people in these lines can't be totally normal so you have to understand you might run into some early AM tiffs with an angry shopper who just watched you grab the last faux fur vest 50% off. Regardless of the alluring sales, you have to be slightly off your rocker to lug yourself out of your Thanksgiving food coma.

That being said, Cyber Monday is what the cool kids are up to (among the money savers of the holiday shoppers). You not only avoid lines but you can visit as many stores as your little shopaholic heart desires while making deadline. Talk about multitasking!

Get your fix on practically any site through midnight...and hey! I've already done some of the sifting for you!

A slightly alternative twist on the classics, but these comfortable shorties are now 33% off and your next go-to to pair with skinny jeans.
Sperry-Topsider Ladyfish Boot

Get festive in this sequin jacket by Oliver now 50% off! I just bought one from Forever21 for practically the same price. No doubt, this little gem (or bundle of sequins) is higher quality. Do it. It's just a click away!
Oliver Sequin Jacket
Loving the 50% off on this faux fur vest. Hating her stance. It's just awkward.  However, take her advice on the vest and pair it with jeans and a top (and every other outfit you might consider, because it just works!)
Sanctuary Faux Fur Vest
 The best part about CM? You can snag some essential pieces that you can actually wear this holiday season. Unlike those end of summer sales that conveniently occur as we head into fall.


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