New beginnings.

With every ending comes a new beginning and what better reason to go shopping than the fact that you have to.

Let's talk stripes. Did you know that you should never  wear horizontal stripes? Although people claim they deceive the eye into adding pounds to your midsection I believe stripes simply add intrigue to an outfit.

Pleasure Doing Business uses horizontal stripes in their skirts and dresses, which is interesting since we are more accustomed to seeing this pattern in tops. To incorporate horizontal stripes, play with layers (think chambray shirts) and accessories (think texured belts, don't hesitate to mix textures and patterns!).

Here are some striped duds I have my eyes on:

1. Knit Tee
The weight of this tee is perfect for layering.
Coastline-stripe tee

I'm not even a Harry Potter fanatic and this reminds me of Hogwarts.
Hadley sweater in stripe

3.  Boots
Check out the horizontal stripes on these tootsies! Too maaach?

4. Cardigan
I clearly fancy the maroon and navy motif. Although it isn't pictured, another bonus to this cardigan is the polka dot detail on the sides.
Spots & Stripes Cardigan
5. Bikini
For good measure, let's add a bikini! And if you're going on vacay soon, I'm green with envy  pale and envious!


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  1. Love the first top and those boots!