I dare you...

to break out your jorts this weekend and go all out in the not-so-demure denim on denim trend.

She pulled it off perfectly!

C'mon, everybody's doing it! Well, no, they aren't, but it can be done by keeping a couple of things in mind:
  1. Always pair two different shades of denim. Wear the darker wash on the bottom since dark washes are more slimming.
  2. Unless you want to look like you're workin' at the carwash a la 70's denim romper, follow the above and do not add a belt.
  3. Instead, if you have the urge to accessorize, do it with feminine accents either by  a) rolling up your sleeves and stacking a slew of bracelets (or a few if you prefer) b) add a colorful statement necklace or earrings.
  4. Keep your shoewear simple and avoid cowboy boots, unless you want to embody Halloween come early.
  5. Tuck it in. Just in front or do a full 360 tuck. Use your own discretion!
Now, hit the bars this weekend with your friends, catch some games and own those jorts, work that full on denim. Oh, and I almost forgot, this look fairs better in the daytime.

P.S. I'm writing this in a full on denim dress. Coincidence? Never.

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