It is Tuesday and while I should have posted yesterday, I didn't. Some might think it is because of Columbus Day or maybe I was just plain lazy. Well, we can put those thoughts to rest because it was neither.

You see, I was home most of the weekend and upon arrival to Penn Station I decided to meet up with some friends to watch football. The bar was unfortunately very far up in the UWS, therefore leaving no time for me to drop off my bag. Long story short, after a great day it tragically ended when I left my bag full of clothes, shoes, etc. from the weekend in the cab ride back! Even more unfortunate is that we didn't get a receipt from the driver. It's like finding a needle in this haystack we call Manahattan (there are still four possible boroughs) and I'm fairly distraught over the whole happening.

I feel like I have let my belongings down. They are out there somewhere alone and homeless instead of safe in my apartment or being worn. Have you ever had that feeling of attachment to your clothes? I still have a bit of hope that this bag will turn up! After all, it is of no value to anyone but me.

But, if you happen to see a cab driver in 5 inch Michael Kors clogs and tight Rock & Republic jeans, can you please tell him I'm onto him? I guess I'd crack a smile to know someone was enjoying my things.


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