Do less.

We should start seeing LESS:
SleeveLESS Turtlenecks.
This past weekend while in some deep conversation about pointless fashion trends, the ever-questionable sleeveless turtleneck came up. For those of you that haven't drawn the image just yet, here's a shortcut:

Photography courtesy of Lydia Hirt
(ACTUAL PICTURE: if it's warm enough to be wearing a sleeveless, then you surely do not need a turtleneck!)
Truly, if it is warm enough to be wearing a sleeveless you definitely don't need the extra fabric on your neck. Right? Righttt? Okay so now that were all on the same page, this is not to be confused with adding some flare to an outfit with a scarf. That, my friends, is acceptable. So to help the clueless-sleeveless-turtleneck-owning-public I have pulled together an all-star team of turtlenecks (T.O.T) that are deemed acceptable (and so darn cute!)

1. Turtleneck Sweaterdress.
DISCLAIMER: I may be partial to Rugby Sweaterdresses. I own the Rugby Suede Patch Sweaterdress and love love love it!

(Rugby Sweaterdress)

(Aqua Cashmere Striped Sweaterdress)

(Rugby Suede Patch Sweaterdress)

2. Turtleneck Poncho.
Take note of the button detail!
(Nanette Lepore Turtleneck Poncho)

3. Longsleeve Turtleneck (ain't nothing like the real thing, baby)
Lauren Silk-Cashmere Turtleneck

(J.Crew Turtleneck Sweater)


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