Button Up.

The weathermen might say it will get warmer towards the end of the week, but really, can you ever trust the full forecast of a weatherman? Regardless of this week's forecast, cooler weather inevitably lies ahead (I have been in denial). Thus, we must be prepared and get bundled.

In perfect Fall fashion, here are the jacket trends for Fall 2011 via Topshop:

1. Peter Pan Collar

Peter Pan collars are a design of the past that are slowly creeping back in to the fashion world. About 7 years ago, I was in dire need of a Peter Pan collar and I couldn't find one anywhere! Now they can be seen on shirts and coats alike. Go figure!

2. Velvet Tie

The double breasted velvet tie duo makes this jacket an instant outfit. Does it really matter what's underneath?

This coat makes me want to spin in circles like an upsidedown teacup! You might feel like you're going to a party even if you're catching the R train to work.

4. Toggle

Anyone remember the movie, André? You know, the one with the seal? Maybe not. Actually, probably not. However, if you ever come across it, I used to adore the little girl Toni's jacket. This toggle jacket epitomizes it and although the movie takes place in 1962, it's clear toggles are here to stay.



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