White after Labor Day? Absolutely.


White doesn't have to be saved for just summer months. If done correctly, you can wear white jeans through winter.

Pull it Off
Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi, pulls this look off by accessorizing with typical fall pieces.

I LOVE this look because the white denim isn't so much the focal point of her outfit. What our eyes are drawn to are the pops of black in her biker booties and Chanel purse. It also looks effortless.

When wearing white jeans, you don't want it to appear like you were trying to get the look right, it just looks right. Now, wearing white with flip flops in the fall- that's stretching it.

Get the look
Don't own a pair yet? You'll wear them much more than you ever thought you would! Opt for a skinny jean rather than a boot cut. Get some here.

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