Scenario 1: You walk into a store, let's say, J.Crew for the sake of argument. Okay, so in the store you spot a piece that has just come in, and instead of waiting for it to go on sale (which, let's be honest, most items do before they are out of season) you buy it right then and there, full price. You love it. You can't wait to wear it even though you know you will inevitably be slightly pissed when you go back in a month only to see someone buying that same item for a hell-of-a-lot less than you did.

Yes, I have definitely fallen victim to this exact situation (and have also been on the other side of this exact situation) and knew what I must be getting myself into when I bought a twill utility vest this past May. It was green, a bit masculine and had Cargo pockets and a hood to boot! But I loved it!

Twill utility vest

Scenario 2: (personal experience) Flash forward 4 months later and guess what? I walk into J.Crew just the other day and BOOM: Same twill utility vest, same price! I knew it was a great purchase and was one of those items that completes an outfit. I tried to find it online to share with you, however, it is unfortunately sold out for the time being. To take J.Crew's words verbatim, "This item has been so popular, it has sold out."

In the case of scenario 2, I love when that happens!

Lesson Learned
The next time you are in a debate as to whether or not to get something because it may be on the pricier side think about:
  1. The amount you will wear it
  2. How it will complement or perfect the pieces and outfits you already own
  3. If it is considered classic or super trendy (trendier items tend to be omnipresent and replicated in stores like Forever21 for a fraction of the price)
As for an inVESTment
Vests in general can act as an accessory to an outfit or as a light jacket, so there are tons of ways they can be worn and thrown on to an outfit. If it is a bit more masculine, add it to a feminine dress to create a casual look.


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  1. Great post - I also hate scenario 1 and have had that many times - but love scenario 2 :)