Prior to our trip to Cabo, I had only visited Mexico once and it was in the Riviera Maya, which is on the Northeastern side of the country. I was excited to see the West coast in our visit to Cabo and since airlines have recently started nonstop flights from NYC area airports, it made this trip much easier and more feasible for us (I try to avoid connecting flights whenever possible!). 

After doing much research on where to stay, we landed on The Cape, which is part of Thompson Hotels. We have stayed at Thompson Hotels in the past, with only good experiences and the location, views, food and drink did not disappoint. 

Upon our arrival and after a 30-minute car ride from the airport, we made it with time to quickly change and head straight to the bar for a happy hour drink to watch the sun set over El Arco or "The Golden Arch" - a distinctive rock formation in the water that can actually be seen from every room at The Cape.

With the help of the concierge, we set up a day of surf at Los Cerritos beach and some sunset horseback riding. Contrary to our last visit in Riviera Maya, where we didn't leave our hotel except to head back to the airport at the end of our trip, we explored the surrounding areas of Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos and met with locals while surfing who were so friendly, helpful and had some cool stories to tell us about growing up in the area. 

We had heard amazing things about Cabo Surf Hotel but chose to surf at Los Cerritos beach area due to the time of year and the lack of waves at Cabo Surf. Had it been summer or fall, we would have loved to check it out and even stay there for two nights of our trip since the surf is much better there at that time of year. Next time!

(From top to bottom: One piece - Letarte (similar) ; White Cover Up - For Love & Lemons ; Bandana - Madewell ; Top- Onzie | On T: Henley Waffle Tee - Wallace & Barnes)
We made a reservation at Manta for dinner our first night, which is the Seafood / Asian-Fusion restaurant at The Cape. However, we found that we enjoyed venturing out the other nights into Cabo San Lucas for dinner for some authentic cuisine and taking a cab was extremely easy from the hotel. There always seemed to be someone ready to take us wherever we needed to go, whenever we needed. Our favorite restaurant off the property was Edith's - great atmosphere and delicious food. The tuna and steak tartar tacos to start are a must! 

A quick note about currency: We had converted our dollars to Pesos at the Los Cabos airport, which we learned is what not to do since you don't get nearly as good of a rate than if you were to convert at a bank.  Regardless of this fact, however, with the current exchange rate, the local businesses actually preferred USD. So save yourself time (and money) and forego the currency exchange altogether if you are planning a trip out to Cabo in the near future. 

The infinity pool at The Cape might have been the best part of our beach retreat. The views of El Arco, which most Cabo visitors plan separate excursions to take in and the way the water seemed to melt right into the Sea of Cortez were truly breathtaking. 

Our last day was spent the entirely at the pool. We ate sushi and drank Prosecco (T mostly had cervezas) until the sun set. Our next trip to Cabo I think we will look into renting a house, fishing and then cooking our catch!